Yoon Sul Hee Enjoying Herself In Hot Sexy Scene

Korean Actress Yoon Sul-Hee sex scene From Bad Class 2015. She seemed natural, and she is enjoying every moment of the rape scene. Quite obvious that she is the one initiating the rape. Her bad girl image in real life is even more shocking.

On April 26th, 2009 Yoon Sul-Hee was arrested for trafficking ecstasy and ketamine into South Korea from Japan, with money funded by actor and model Ye Hak-Yeong.

Yoon Sul-Hee received a three-year jail sentence for smuggling 280 ecstasy tablets and 280 grams of ketamine from Japan into South Korea and using it with actor Ju Ji-Hoon among others.

My only wish is for her to be fleshier and taller. But as it is, she is already a terrific fuck.

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